Independent Living Center of Southeast Missouri is seeking passionate and motivated individuals to join our Board of Directors. We're looking for individuals with a drive to contribute to our non profit center and to help further our mission statement: To make Southeast Missouri barrier free for all persons with disabilities, enabling them to live more independently, extending their rights to control and direct their own lives and empowering them to live more productive lives.  To this end, we do not do things for the persons with disabilities; we enable them to do for themselves.

If you yourself have a disability, have been part of bettering the life of someone with a disability or just a desire to improve your community and make the world accessible to everyone then we would love to hear from you!

All potential board members must provide information to have a background check performed and approved through the Family Care Safety Registry (per contract rules). Background checks are preformed yearly. ILCSEMO Board is required to consist of at least 51% of disabled individuals per ILCSEMO bylaws and state statute. If you are appointed to the board and have a disability, we are required to provide information of your disability by category on our board roster for grant purposes. (Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Hearing, Vision, Multiple, Other)

Please click here to download and print an application to join our board.