Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

ILCSEMO’S Consumer Directed Services (CDS) department is a vendor for a personal care attendant service program. The purpose of the CDS program is to help people with physical disabilities to remain independent in their home or to develop a plan for those already institutionalized to be allowed to return home. This allows those individuals the freedom of choice when hiring a personal care attendant. This purpose statement is based on ILCSEMO’S independent living philosophy of striving for the independence of people with disabilities.

Consumer controlled model vs. medical model of other in-home services 
The consumer (person with the disability) is responsible for the services including recruitment, hiring supervising and replacement of personal care attendants. Medical models choose the attendant for the consumer.

Promotion of independent living in the community of their choice 
The CDS program provides the necessary in-home care to enable the individuals with a disability to remain as independent as possible and maintain a level of dignity. These qualities are frequently lost in institutional settings. CDS services are provided in one’s own home.

Allows consumers to hire a person of their choice 
The consumer may hire a person of their choice including family members with the exception of a spouse.

Allows consumers to choose the attendant’s working hours 
The CDS program consumer, serving as the employer for the attendant, can set the working hours of the attendant to match their needs. Other agencies often dictate the hours the attendant is available.

Provides necessary transportation 
CDS provides transportation for the consumer to go into the community for various reasons, medical and other appointments, as well as other transportation needs that allow the consumer to be independent when he/she cannot do so without assistance. This service is not allowed in other In-home services.


  • All applicants must be MEDICAID eligible -- if spend down is a factor, it must be met on the first day of each month or the personal care attendant cannot work until it has been met unless the consumer chooses to pay for the services out of pocket.
  • Consumer must be 18 years old or older
  • The applicant must live in one of the four counties primarily served by the program which are Butler, Carter, Ripley and Wayne counties -- however, the program is consumer driven and on occasion a person may request to be on a program with an Independent Living Center outside their designated counties.
  • Consumer must be cognitively able to direct his/her own care attendant in all areas including paperwork
  • Consumer must meet the required amount of points on a client assessment which will be conducted through the Division of Health and Senior Services


  • Home modifications
  • Assistive technology
  • Information about disabilities
  • Referrals for related services
  • Assistance including items that Medicaid does not cover such as adult diapers and catheter supplies

For more information, contact Lisa Holmes, CDS Program Director or Ericka Tomlinson, CDS Assistant Director

To download an application to be considered as a CDS attendant please click here. Please bring the application and a current state issued photo ID to the payroll department.